Macrocarpa sleeper patio.

The original patio concrete had been laid directly on to the clay ground by the previous installer, and had subsequently cracked. In an attempt to repair this it appeared that the surface of the concrete had then been skimmed with a coloured cement resin. Drainage had also become an issue and may have been to blame for the condition of the original concrete.

After consultation with the client on the best way to remove the cracked and damaged patio, and to finalise the look they were after for the new patio, we had a design and plans in place and were ready to go. The old concrete was removed and drainage was installed along the length of the house.

A SAP-7 and a GAP-7 bed was then compacted to form a base for the new concrete which would include macrocarpa sleeper inserts and border trim. Once the sleepers had been set out steel reinforcing was put in place to provide additional support and to prevent movement or cracking in the future. The concrete was then poured and the Pea Metal exposed.

In addition to the new patio, the old block work garden bed was removed, along with the compost bin, and an open garden was dug in. The end result being a much larger outdoor area the owners could use, that would be long lasting, and with a new garden area for herbs and vegetables.