New retaining wall, pathway and steps.

Originally there had been a concrete path where the new deck is now. Over the last thirty years water had eroded the subsoil from under the concrete allowing the original steps and pathway to fall away and become unsafe. In addition the owner had increasingly noticed over the past few winters that the garage and some parts of the house had become damp. On removal of the old concrete pathway we found that the original water proofing on the concrete block wall was non-existent and the drain coil was totally blocked. On completion of the project the entire length of the pathway wall has been waterproofed, new drain coil installed, a protective membrane over the new waterproofing and a geotech membrane encapsulating the drainage metal to keep both the new drainage coil clear and to keep water away from the wall. As part of this project we replaced the existing retaining wall with the addition of drainage coil and metal as a first line of defense to pick up the initial water flow from the incline above.